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$79.95 $54.95
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"This was one of the best investments I have made for my weight loss journey. Affordable and fits well. That’s a good problem to have though considering that’s the whole point of wearing it."


 -Marisa ✅ Verified


When exercising, it takes time to get the core temperature up for an effective workout. To work out specifically targeted zones efficiently, it takes about six minutes of warmups then about 30 minutes of cardio. This matter results in a sufficient amount of time spent exercising to achieve tone muscles and to burn more fat.


The all-new NeoFit Suit™ is a full-body sweatsuit that increases core temperature for faster fat burning and muscle toning within minimal time. It builds self-confidence and promotes smoother skin by removing clogged pores every time you sweat in the NeoFit Suit™. Now you can feel good about your workout without compromising your time.

Reasons Why Our NeoFit Suit™ Will Change Your Life 


✅ SLIM LEG FASTER: The NeoFit Suit™ will help reduce cellulite and tone your legs as you burn more calories, effectively slimming your lower body.


✅ SMOOTHER SKIN: When sweating more, the body sheds minerals and natural salt, which acts as a natural substitute for an exfoliator. Sweating a lot also helps clear out the clogged pores and removes toxins from the skin, which helps the body detoxify.

✅ TUMMY CONTROL: Full abdomen coverage helps flatten the abdomen, firm tummy, and love handles, providing a more shaped figure.


✅ SLEEK LOOK: Our full-body workout suit will give you the figure-flattering body you're looking for by increasing body temp to your abdomen, love handles, back, underarms, arm, buttocks, and legs. 

✅ BREATHABLE: High-quality moisture-wicking neoprene material preserves body heat and stimulates sweat during exercise while absorbing sweat and keeping you dry. 

✅ BACK SUPPORT: Wear it inside to improve posture, back support, and keeps your back warm.  

✅ FASHIONABLE: You can match with any combination of trendy workout tops or pants while exercising at the gym or home, playing sports, hiking, or performing daily tasks.


✅ DUAL PURPOSE: The heat-preserving material can be thermal underwear during the cold seasons and helps get rid of fat cells faster, giving you a slim figure during the hot seasons.

Neofit Suit is the perfect suit for a person with low energy. It prevents muscle fatigue, allowing you to work out longer and more intensely. If you have a busy work or family life, then the Neofit Suit is perfect for you! A study done on 20 highly trained cyclists found proven benefits of working out in the heat, including an improved sweating/cooling process, will enhance blood flow through the skin, expand blood volume, improve posture, and burn fat faster.


With the NeoFit Suit™, we can now feel satisfied knowing we had an effective workout no matter the time frame. The NeoFit Suit™ will help burn fat three times faster in any activity, even in a 10-minute workout. It helps your posture and supports your back while achieving smoother skin. Now, you can be reassured to get astonishing and faster results every time you exercise.

Satisfaction Guarantee


Our #1 priority here at Klassic Kraze is your satisfaction. Meaning we stand by our product 100%, no matter what, no questions asked, no ifs, no ands, no buts.

If you have a problem, contact us at, we will solve it. Refund it. Whatever it takes. Just reach out to our Customer Service Team. We're here for you. Satisfaction Guarantee!




1. Please allow 0.394 -1.181 inches as an error range due to manual measurement.

2. Please check the size chart to choose a size. Do not select according to your habit since our sizing is different. Please note when you measure.

3. If you are not sure regarding your size, text 'Size' to 1-833-KKRAZES (557-2937) with your measurements. We will offer our size suggestions.

4. Due to different lighting, the color may be slightly distinctive.



Necklaces and Bracelets: 


Most of our necklaces and bracelets have extra chain links to adjust the size according to your comfort, making them perfect for layering. Also, some of our bracelets are stretchable for a snug fit. 




Our flexible, stretchy band rings are one size fits most. They are a resilient, comfortable band formed from double-drilled. It stretches to fit your finger but strong enough to not lose its shape. 




With the diversity in women's sizes, we encourage you to measure yourself before choosing a size that corresponds. Measure your body twice for accuracy, and compare your measurements to the garment's Size Charts in the product's description. Text 'Size' to 833-KKRAZES (557-2937) with your measurements if you are unsure regarding your size and need assistant. We will offer our size suggestions. 




When measuring yourself for clothing, the main measurements to take are the bust/chest, waist, and hip circumference, also the inseam length for pants. Other measurements, such as shoulder, underbust, thigh, outseam, sleeve length, etc., may be required on specific clothes type. 


Measuring Tips:


📏 Use a clothing measuring tape for maximum accuracy.


📏 Make sure the tape is level and secure. Keep the tape snug but not too tight. 


📏 Measure on bare skin, not over clothes, or wear an non-padded bra (i.e., sports bra) and tights or bike shorts.


📏 Measure your body before choosing a size and allow 0.394 -1.181 inches as an error range due to manual measurement. 


📏 Use a mirror to make sure the tape is as level as possible. 


📏 Save your measurements for future purchases. 


Guide to Measuring Your Body 



    📏 Bust: Place one end of the tape at the fullest part of your bust (across the center of each nipple) and wrap it around under your armpits back to the front. Pro Tip: Wear a non-padded bra to get the most accurate measurements. 


    📏 Underbust: Pull the measuring tape around your ribcage, just underneath your breasts. Make sure the measuring tape is running straight and level around your upper torso.


    📏 Shoulder Width: Assistant: Start measurement from the back, not the front. Place one end of the tape on the shoulder blade of a shoulder, where the shoulder meets the arm. Then run the tape horizontally across your back, mimicking the natural curve of your shoulders to the other shoulder blade (Shoulder to Shoulder). Self: Take your favorite dress shirt that fits nicely and measures it from shoulder seam to shoulder seam.


    📏 Length/Height:  Before you start to measure your length, stand up straight with your feet together without wearing footwear against a door frame as a measuring point. Mark the highest area of your head with a pencil. Then use the tape and measure from the pencil mark to the floor.


    📏 Arm/Sleeve Length: Assistant: For an accurate measurement, ask someone to assist you. Measure from the back, not the front. Place one end of the tape in the middle of your neck and run it to the end of your shoulder blade. Then run down the tape from your shoulder blade to the wrist. Pro Tip: To ensure freedom of movement when you bend your arms, measure from your shoulder blade to the meaty part of your palm called the thenar, the ball of the thumb, instead of the wrist. Self: Take your favorite dress shirt that fits nicely, and turn the shirt over, showing the back. Place the measuring tape at the middle of the collar, then run the tape horizontally across the back, mimicking the natural curve of the shirt down to the end of the cuff.


    📏 Waist: Don’t suck in your stomach, as this will give you inaccurate results. Place the tape in the middle of your torso. Wrap the tape around your natural waistline, located about 2 inches (5 cm) above your belly button. Pro Tip: Another easy way to check your natural waist is to bend to one side – the crease that forms is your natural waistline.  


    📏 Hips: Before you start to measure your hips, stand up straight with your feet together. Then measure around the fullest part of your hips and buttocks, about 6 inches (15.24 cm) below your waist. 


    📏 Thigh: Take measurements of your thigh by locating the fullest part of your thigh and wrapping the tape around from front to back.


    📏 Inseam: It would be best for women to take two measurements for inseams — one for trousers you’d wear with heels, and one for trousers you’d wear with flats. Keep in mind that the accurate inseam measurement depends on whether you’re wearing heels or flats. The hem should hit in the middle of the heel shaft or hit just slightly above the flat shoe. Before you start to measure your inseam, stand up straight with your feet apart from each other. Place the tape near the uppermost inner part of your thigh, located near your groin area to the bottom of your ankle. Pro Tip: It is easiest to measure the distance from the crotch of your favorite and best-fitting pair of pants you already own to the hem or cuff. 


    📏 Outseam: Assistant: Before you start to measure your outseam, stand up straight with your feet together. Place the tape at the top of your waistband/waistline and measure down to the end of the leg. Self: Measure the distance from the top of the waistband and measure down to the end of the hem or cuff of your favorite and best-fitting pair of pants you already own. Pro Tip: It would be best to take two measurements for inseams — one for trousers you’d wear with heels, and one for trousers you’d wear with flats.

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    NeoFit Suit™

    Set / S
    Set / S
    $79.95 $54.95