Before we spill the tea about us, we want to say...

THANK YOU for visiting our boutique. 😘

It's all About the Kraze   


Klassic Kraze is a contemporary online boutique mix with various styles. We sell five klassic trends, Boho, Chic, Girly, Street, and Sexy, to mix or suit your fashion kraze.  


Our Beginnings


Klassic Kraze LLC is a family-owned e-commerce company based in Miami, Florida. We started as an eBay Store selling men's and women's vintage and pre-owned clothing and accessories in January 2019. We also used Letgo and OfferUp for local same-day pick-up. We still have an active account on all selling platforms to stay connected with our male customers. In April 2019, we launched our website, Klassic Kraze, and Facebook Shop. We integrated new and vintage trends to fit every women's distinctive style in all previous and current selling platforms throughout 2020. However, in February 2020, all of our used and vintage merchandise is only sold on eBay, Letgo, and OfferUp.

Read All About Us 


Learn more about us in our first magazine debut featured in VoyageMIA's inspiring stories on Tuesday, August 18, 2020.